Music captured me from a young age, as my father started the DJ'ing business before I was even born. I have loved & had a huge passion for music my entire life.

At the age of 13 I DJ'd my first gig which my dad setup for me & left me too it playing the music at a boy scouts disco. I loved it & it only left me wanting more, at the age of 15 I was going with my mum dj'ing schools up & down the south coast, kids parties & plenty more. Once I turned 17 & got my licence I was out on my own dj'ing just about every weekend. As a couple of years went by my father decided it was time for him to get out of the business, he sold part of the business & the name to one of his other dj's, I then bought the other part of the business calling it "DJ Matt Brown - Mobile Disco's" at this stage I was dj'ing gigs for younger crowds i.e. Schools & Parties, as more time went by Dj'ing became an even bigger part of my life.

At the age of 22 I got married to the love of my life Bec, it was after this we decided to start taking things to another level with professionalism & taking on the wedding scene. For some time my wife came with me to most weddings, then before we knew it she was out there doing them on her own, it was very nerve racking at first as we believed that the music at a reception could either make or break the evening. The more weddings we did the more we enjoyed them. Many years later & weddings are one of the biggest parts of our business being continuously booked in advance through out the wedding seasons, the rest of the year consisting of Private Functions, Pub Nights, Club Nights & many School Discos.
I Enjoy doing what I do & I believe that seeing people let their hair down & enjoying themselves is the most rewarding part of my job!

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